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PNG Image Open Data Infographic - The Open Data Eco-System
The Open Data Ecosystem and how the different aspects work together to achieve the objectives of increasing Open Data Consumption in Kenya.
PNG Image Kenya infographic
The arrival of the undersea fiber cables in Kenya in 2009 has revolutionized the technology and economic sectors. Kenya is one of very few countries in Africa with a comprehensive framework set up in this regard.
PNG Image Uganda infographic
Uganda has one the lowest internet penetration rates in the world. However, the government has completed two phases of laying fibre optic cables and all Uganda government and parastatal offices are set to be connected via this fibre cable.
PNG Image Tanzania infographic
The mobile market in Tanzania is growing in a steadfast manner and has managed to break the 50% penetration barrier as of mid June 2011. While the Tanzania Communication Regulation Authority (TCRA) are yet to release publicly statistics on the mobile sector beyond June 2011, it is estimated that ove
Link Introduction to Inforgraphics and Data Visualization, January 2013
Registration is now open for the Knight Center's second MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The course will formally begin on January 12, 2013 through February 23, 2013.Visit link for more details on how to register
Link The Rise of Women in Tech
Itís time for the old adage that women neither like nor do well in math and science be put to rest .This infographic delves deeper into how the phenomenon of women in tech is on the rise.
Link How Higher Education Is Going Digital
People are talking about digital techís opportunity to improve the classroom. Many schools are dipping their toes in the promise of a digital future, and itís not just about textbooks.The folks at have compiled an infographic that explores the pros and cons of various platforms and technologies that have found their way into the halls of higher ed.
Link The Day The Internet Stood Still
A tribute info graphic to January 18th, the day many online websites went dark in protest to SOPA and PIPA.
Link Mobile Penetration in Tanzania
An infographic on the mobile penetration and number of subscribers in Tanzania. Statistics represented are on the mobile network operators markets share, the common mobile operating systems in use, text messages and talk time, average weighted tariffs per operator, access and use of the Internet as well as Tanzania's online presence.
Link Is mobile Africa's future?
An infographic on the impact in the sectors of banking, healthcare and agriculture in Africa- a continent that will have approximately 735 million Mobile subscribers by the end of 2012.
Link How Social Media Supports Innovation
A detailed mind map of the different ways social media supports innovation
Link [Infographic] The Open Governance Index Ė A new way of measuring openness
A research report that introduces a new way of measuring the openness of open source projects. The Open Governance Index measures the true openness of eight open source projects - Android, Qt, Symbian, MeeGo, Mozilla, WebKit, Linux and Eclipse - and analyses how governance, and not licenses, tell the full story of a project's openness, across transparency, influence and control.
Link The Startupís Toolkit [Infographic]
The Startupís Toolkit [Infographic] A survey of 550 people at startups in the United States to find out what were the most common tools that they use. Here are just a few of the standouts: Company email category: Google Apps (used by 57 percent of startups) Storage/Backup/Virtualization: Dropbox (used by 39 percent of startups) Project Management: Basecamp Text Editor: TextMate Version Control: Git Email Marketing: Mail Chimp (used by 30 percent of startups) Note Taking: Evernote
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